Thursday, August 13, 2009

What To Do... What To Do...

Now I have all this very cool yarn, right? You saw that from yesterday? My problem now is it's all in small amounts. So I was thinking and pondering some patterns today.

For the brown and blue....

Maybe this headband pattern?

Nordic Headband (ravelry)

I would use the brown where the pink is now because it does that cool gradient colour thing, and then use the blue-green where the brown is. Might be cool.

For the red and purple...

Maybe this little girl dress for my niece?

Little Sister's Dress (ravelry)

If it turns out I don't have enough for a dress, it'll be a little top instead. hehe I have to skein up all this yarn so I can see how much I have before I finalize any plans.

As for other updates, the rainbow scarf is moving along very nicely and I foresee completion this weekend.

In other exciting news, My stitch markers came from Cliodhna's Etsy Shop! I won them on a give away on her blog.

Aren't they pretty! Go on over to her Etsy store and look at all the other gorgeous stuff she has!


  1. I remember seeing somewhere a bunch of "one skein patterns." I'll try to find them, though one-skein for crocheters may be way different for knitters? I don't know. My knitting is limited to dishcloths and scarves. lol

  2. You have a wonderful blog! I'm going to start following it. Thank you for featuring our naturally dyed yarn from the Syrendell Etsy shop! :)