Thursday, August 20, 2009

The Thing With Pink Shirts

My Dad is what you could probably describe as a "Guy's guy." Years and years ago when someone gifted him with a knitted sweater that had one tiny sail boat with an even tinier pink sail on it, he wouldn't wear it. This is why my Mom's comment on the last post is so funny! He would never ever forgive me if I was to knit him a vest that even had a pinkish hue! So Mom, as funny as that would be, I would really like Dad to enjoy wearing what I make him. LOL This photo has a much more accurate colour.

I'm really very happy with how this is turning out! This is my first time doing arm shaping like this, so I'm stoked that I got it right the first time. Also, I'm really excited that this is my first garment that is 100% perfect with NO FROGGING! This is a FROG FREE piece of knitting right here! YAY! ::Knock On Wood:: I hope it keeps going this easy! It's been a breeze so far! Now all I have to do is the front, which is basically exactly the same as the back just with the v-neck part added in (also a first for me). Then I sew together the two pieces before I pick up and knit the ribbing around the neck and the arms. Not bad at all!


  1. Very cool! Love the deep chocolate color.

  2. You're doing a great job! About your email, the milk and oatmeal wash would be perfect for your face! It is so gentle. All you have to do is put equal parts oatmeal and dry milk in the blender (no wet ingredients) until a powder is formed. To wash with it, just put a small amount in your palm and dampen with water until a think paste is formed and then wash with it. STick with this and I bet the redness goes away. Let me know!