Monday, August 24, 2009

My Swap Package Came!! YAY!

This was my second month participating in the $10 Swap Group on The first month was pretty disappointing, but this month I got to meet a super cool person! And Holy COW have I been spoiled! It’s like she’s known me for years! First of all, a woman after my own heart, everything was wrapped with numbers and listed on a seperate sheet like an inventory. There were 16 numbers!!

I Received:

-a Project Tote in a gorgeous orange fabric with a very funny little picture on the front. (“Mom?” hehehehe!) She made it herself!

-A circular Needle Holder! Matching beautiful orange fabric that she also made herself! It’s so incredibly perfect! I've already got all my circular needles hanging from the back of the office door. Awesome!

-Some Peachy O’s - my fabric candy. ever. I'm serious when I say I think I've made myself sick off of that candy already. lol

-An orange laundry bag in a mesh fabric - totally usable and practical in a fun colour. I love that! Orange Rose soap blossoms, just like my bridal bouquet!!

-Orange retractable tape measure - I don’t have one yet and I needed one!!Candles and candle accessories! They all smell amazing and I’ll definitely be putting them out for the fall!

-Mini cookie cutters shaped like leaves and acorns and stuff for fall! I love cookie cutters!! I have so many, but none like this! YAY!

-Mini Address Book - complete with HER name, address and phone number! Too Cool! (Hey, you have a message waiting from me! heeh!)

-Cat toys for Popeye! He’s already playing with his crinkle balls! And he loves carrying around his little orange monkey in his mouth. hehe I tell him "Carla bought that for you."

and... MY FAVOURITE!! 1 Ball of Knit Picks Pallette in Marsala, a gorgeous burnt orange colour! YAY!!!!!!

Thank you thank you thank, Carla from!! And you know what the best part was? I made a friend!! YAY! :D


  1. Wow, that does sound great! Maybe I should look into that swap on Ravelry...:)