Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Wave Goodbye To The Vest

I had a Come To Jesus moment with the pullover vest I was knitting. I've decided it needs to be frogged. And I swear I will frog it! Just after I get a ball-winder, that's all. I don't want to do it by hand and have a huge pile of yarn after. hehe So yeah... wave goodbye. I think when I recast it on (oh and I will!) I'm going to knit it front and back like I did my one before. It helps me to correct the mistakes a lot earlier I think. *sigh*

And as for the scarf, it's not going QUITE as planned. I keep missing stitches somehow. Here's it's current state:

Notice how the lines up at the top aren't totally even? No? Good. Maybe mom won't either. lol The pattern says for me to keep going until this thing is 30" long, which I just don't think is happening. lol Then I cast on the other side and knit it the same way, then join it at the top! A 50" scarf is just fine, right? lol I have to hang in there!!

So with one project on hold, and another one stalling on me, I sought to self medicate. With Baked Goods. I know... I know... I'm old enough I should know better. But there is nothing, NOTHING I tell you, better than home baked bread.

Oh and we might have some banana nut muffins in the oven. Kinda sorta.


  1. Question on the scarf (which looks soooo pretty!). Why do you have to start at the other end and join two pieces? Can't you just knit all the way till the other side, ending off on the same pattern you started with? Or is there something about knitting that prevents you doing this?

    And I have to admit right now I don't know what frogging is...

  2. That scarf looks really pretty!! Oh, and bread fresh out of the oven is heaven. I haven't had that in at least 15 years!!!

  3. Ruby - this particular scarf has to be knitted from the bottom up on both sides in order to achieve this particular pattern. It's kind of directional, I guess. Most of the time you don't have to do that. And frogging is when you have to "rip it. rip it." out and start again. ;) hehe!

    Ponder - this recipe is SO easy!! I'll email it to you! Takes about 15 minutes to make!!

  4. love the scarf, I can't see anymistakes...I think the scarf will block out longer anyway? Can I come round for tea please?