Monday, August 31, 2009

Even More Christmas

These Christmas gifts really are flying off my needles, which is probably good since I'm starting classes in TWO DAYS!!! AHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!

Yes. :ahem: Back to knitting. This is my brother's gift, or at least part of it:

He's a tough one to shop for, but he has recently moved out and got a place all of his own. I think I'll send along this oven mitt-like thingy along with a (yet to be started) double-knitted trivet in the same colours. I just need a small piece of leather for a handle, and this will be complete. I'll think of some other little kitchen goodies to send with it.

And I told you I had some more pink in the crock pot last night, right? Well, when I pulled it out I decided I wanted something with a little more zest for Lila's Brain Monster , so I added 7 or 8 drops of red food colouring and put the yarn back in the crock pot for about an hour. Here's what I have so far:

I'm really a huge fan of the variation that I got in this ball! I think this is going to be SO FREAKING CUTE!! Now... I need to find some big googly eyes...


  1. Wow- that is a beautiful shaded solid! I haven't experimented with dyeing at all. You make it sound so easy. What is the fiber content? Will wool pick up color like that? I want to try this now!

  2. Yep, it's 100% wool, but any protein fiber will work (wool, silk, angora, alpaca, nylon) :)

  3. How cute is that hat you made me giggle also I added a link in my post about dish rag tag so that you can read about it:)Hugs Darcy

  4. I am loving the oven mitt, that's a fantastic present idea for a man...