Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Is it possible to knit too much?

I didn't think so, but after my knitting marathon last weekend (20 hours between two days!) I came away with a blister and very achy hands. I suppose that's what I get for pushing to get finished with mum's scarf AND starting my first sock!

All of this amounts to the fact that I didn't do much more knitting last night other than the gauge swatch for dad's vest. Oh, and then I cast on the back, but that's it. hehe

So what was my newly free time being spent doing, you ask? Reading! I got a hold of a few great knitting pattern books from my local library! Feminine Knits, Knitting in the Sun, and Finishing Techniques for Hand Knitters were all very informative and I've found a few patterns that I'm dying to start, but the last one I read really impressed me, Knits to Fit and Flatter.

(photo from Knitpicks.com)

There were a couple of patterns in this book I think I'll be knitting (including the one on the cover) but they weren't the highlight for me. I love the way Ellison explains why she chose all the elements of her designs and then goes about showing us how to change them if we'd like. All of her patterns in the book are made once with her main preference, and then knitted and photographed a second time with an alteration. She changes a sleeve length, a colour, a fiber or a collar and shows us how she did it and how it changes the whole look of the garment. I love this book! I have to say that I've found the information at the exact right time in my knitting education.

On the school front, orientations start in a little over a week and I'm getting really. really. excited. I'm sure I'll be writing more about that as it inches closer. :)

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  1. Hi! Thanks for your comment about the scrubbies. I got the patterns from the freecrochet.com website but changed them up a little bit...made them bigger and the sea serpents were done by following a star pattern but I just added more legs (all execpt the storage basket for the scrubbie discs--I devised that one myself!). I crocheted the scrubbie discs in acrylic and the kids scrubbies are a softer yarn (I can't remember what fiber it is and I don't have the label???). The acrylic is perfect for exfoliating! My skin is notoriously bad about having to be exfoliated, so this fiber is really great for that! Thanks for asking!