Tuesday, August 11, 2009

It Has Arrived. And it is Glorious.

Need I say more? We got home from visiting my new school this morning ( to buy textbooks. Ugh.) and my box from Knitpicks.com was waiting for me when I got home!! YAY!! That shipping was way fast!

It was hard to remember to not just rip the box open and play in everything. But don't worry, I remembered to take a picture for you guys first so that you may live vicariously through me today as I love to do through all of you! hehe

Isn't it all so neat and tidy in there?? My goal for this order was to be able to knit with some new yarns that I hadn't had a chance to buy, so I ordered a big variety and only one or two of each. Here's what I got, closer up:

The first four along the top are for dying. They are: Merino Style in colour Fog, Wool of the Andes in colour Cloud, and then two balls of Telemark colour Cream. I'm surprised at how soft the merino is. I guess I thought that anything with the word "wool" in it meant it would be at least a little scratchy, but it's really soft! The Telemark is the next softest... kind of feels a bit like the cotton yarns I've been using... not soft but not scratchy either. The Wool of the Andes one is a bit scratchy like you'd expect. Maybe socks with that one? I don't know what colours are calling to me for these yet, but I plan on lots of experimenting. Mr. Pie is already okay with odd-coloured socks that don't match if the dying doesn't go well.

Along the bottom of the pic you see: Shamrock in colour Quinn, Shamrock in colour Fitzpatrick, CotLin in colour Coffee, Cotlin in colour Harbour, and then City Tweed DK in colour Chipmunk. These will be for gifts, I think. The Shamrock I was thinking would maybe be socks but now I don't know if I'll have enough for two that match. Maybe two coloured socks? It's in a heavy worsted, so I'll have to look around for a pattern. Maybe a scarf? The Cotlin was going to be dishclothes, but now that I feel how very soft and see how shiny it is, that may have to change too. Maybe some colourwork?

And lastly, the only one I haven't mentioned is the beautiful shiny green one in the top left corner. It's one ball of Gloss DK, 70% wool and 30% silk. Man oh man is this stuff nice! I'm going to be making something for me with this, mark my words! It was the most expensive of the bunch, but still less than $5. So shiny and oh so soft!

Overall I'm very happy with this order. Picking them out without being able to feel them first was kinda rough, and then the waiting... but the payoff was great. All the yarn I just listed when added together were under $30, including tax.

AND it all fits in to my stash bin, but just barely. There will be no more new yarns for me until at least after the new year, or this situation is going to get out of control awfully quickly.


  1. oooh yummy. Yeah, we definitely need to get together for coffee. My knitting is sad but I love to crochet.

  2. I want to order some City Tweed since I saw the project a friend is making with it.