Thursday, August 6, 2009

Is Moving Backwards Progress?

I frogged back the scarf. Well that's not entirely true.; I just ripped it out back to the end of the lace and put that little loop on it. Why would I have done this? It was simply too wide and it would have taken me until NEXT Christmas to complete. I've cut the yarn and cast it on again at about half the width and I am really glad I did. What does that make the piece of fabric pictured above? Well... it is made of mostly cotton... a really pretty dishcloth? lol I'm not sure if I"ll keep it or send it along with the finished product.

The second reason I did this was because the colour sequence on the two yarns that are being kit together started staggering some, and I don't think this effect is what I was going for. In my new cast on scarf I'm going to try harder to watch for that so that I can make small corrections as I go because I couldn't find a way to correct the larger discrepancy. I also re-cast it on with larger needles and am making a concerted effort to knit looser. It was getting to the point where passing slipped stitches back over knit ones was hurting my thumb and I wasn't even 1/5th of the way done.

So while this grand idea has been brewing in my mind, and the pull over vest has been sitting waiting to be frogged (oh, and the ball winder is on it's way. More on that when my Knit Picks order arrives!) what have I been up to?

My knitting pride needing a shot of adrenaline, so I decided to try some quick small projects, some more dish clothes. Here's what I've been making:

(LOL, Not the most professional of image compilations you've ever seen there, huh?)

I've been experimenting with slip stitch dishclothes and adding single crochet borders, then I've been making them in to little sets and finding interesting ways to tie them together. I think they'll make great little gifts for friends for Christmas, along with some baked cookies or something. They've allowed me to experiment, finish off some yarn front my stash, and complete these little projects, all of which make me feel good about knitting.

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