Thursday, August 27, 2009

Home at Last

This is the main building on campus, located right on front quad where I'll walk every morning and every afternoon. I can not tell you how much I'm in awe of this school and the people that run it. Today was hot, sweaty, and oh so satisfying. Everyone who spoke to our small group of adult students today was amazing, letting us know how we have an entire support group behind us to help us through these next few years.

I really really made the right choice. I'm going to love being at Hollins University.


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  2. Hi there!

    The only yarn left that has not been booked is the little ball of Mohair. It's incredibly soft and fluffy, and actually very easy to knit with even though it's sort of tangly.

    Since it's rather small, I think it will probably fit in a small envelope and won't cost me that much, so I definitely don't need any money for it. Jusk keep commenting on my blog, and I'll pe happy ads a clam!

    Just send me your adress at:, and I'll try to get to the post office tomorrow!

    / Jenny

  3. depending on the size to difficulty ratio of your classes, you can totally bring your knitting.

  4. lol, i love the "bring your knitting to class" idea.

  5. Our classes are super small, all capped at 20, but most are under 10. There's no way I could get away with that. lol

  6. My classes are too. But I bring my knitting to class when we watch educational movies, etc. My professors now try to guess whose class my hat was knitted in. :D

    Try it. You never know.