Sunday, August 16, 2009

#1 Almost Done!

On my long haul to the toe! I think seeing that video yesterday really made all the difference. :) That, and I'm a little obsessive. lol This sock is far from perfect, with it's little holes in the sides that I have to learn to avoid and I'm not quite sure about the sizing around the ankle either, but I'm super excited!

I have knit a LOT this weekend. lol About 12 hours yesterday (with food and pee breaks. hehe) and then today for about another 4 *so far*. I've been knitting on the scarf like crazy, as you can see here:

It's being blocked! I saw this blocking method on another blog and I think it's working out great! Should only be another couple of hours and the two halves should be dry and ready to be sewn together. YAY!

Which means tomorrow I'll be casting on the vest again, but this time in two pieces instead of in the round.


  1. very nicely done for your first sock :)

    ::petitevache gives you a congratulatory pat on the back::

    those little holes could be the result of the tiny space between dpns. if you knit the first few stitches of each needle a bit tighter than you normaly would you shouldn't get any holes. it could also be one single stitch that was knit a bit looser than the stitches around it.

    by the way that yarn you died looks wonderful as a sock ^-^

  2. go knit! I don't know if you're already doing this, but if not knitting the first stich to the same neddle as the stiches from the previous neddle could help you get rid of the holes, since you are constantly moving the stiches. just remember that you might want to use sitch markers,,,

  3. The socks are coming along just great. Next come gloves.

  4. HaHa I couldn't see the first comment when I wrote mine. My little 'tip' has the very same effect as petitevache's. and petitevache's might be a lot easier, I'm just so used to the way I learned to do it...