Monday, August 3, 2009

Project Stalls

Well, both my projects are moving along, the super secret scarf project (hehe) and my dad's pull over vest, but both have stymied. I know, it should take longer than this to stymie, right? Let me explain.

Just as I expected with the lace weight yarn, going is slow. I'm to the not so difficult to memorize repeating pattern now, so it's not that. It's just that the yarn is so small that it's hard to get my needles underneath it sometimes. Does this mean I need sharper needles? I knitted through more than an hour of television this evening and only accomplished an extra inch of scarf. *sigh* An inch a day would get it done by oh... christmas or so. LOL

As far as the vest, I'm pretty sure at this point that it's way too big. I even knit a gauge swatch!! I've probably got 15 hours in the damn thing already, and I'm about 7" in to the 19" sweater. I'm almost half way through for god's sake! I so do. not. want. to. frog. it. But will my Dad even wear it if it's way big? Will he wear it just because he loves me? Or do I frog it and start again? I know the answer. I should frog it. But I don't want to and I'm POUTING.

More pictures on another post. I'm too dejected today. lol


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  1. Gauge is a cruel, temperamental mistress. She can't be trusted. She and I have had words about this very issue. It hasn't helped - sorry she got to you too.

    Have a glass of wine (or two) and frog, frog away...