Saturday, January 16, 2010

{Why In The World...?}

So... I'm looking around online for a way to spruce up some sorta tacky glass vases I have around from different flowers we've ordered and I come across about 6 billion posts about how to re-use Glass Jars. I pause to look at them because I had just recently pulled a few glass jars aside and run them through the dishwasher thinking maybe I'd do something with them later. Much later, is what I was thinking.

This was supposed to be a picture of some empty jars.

These 6 billion websites, such as this one or this one, pretty much made me feel like a idiot. lol I'm a person who tries to do as much as is easy when it comes to the Three R's, such as composting, recycling plastic/glass/tin, buy stuff in bulk to use less packaging... stuff like that. That being said... for some reason ... I had not thought to store food in jars after they were empty. Why in the world hadn't I thought of that???

It's almost easier TO use them than to NOT use them. It means fewer plastic storage containers and all their dumb lids, fewer chemicals leaching in to the food we eat when it's reheated in the microwave, fewer trips to the recycling center, and on and on and on. And it's so darn easy! Just a trip through the dishwasher and they're ready to use.

marshmallows, pasta, and cinnamon sticks

After pulling out the three jars I had put aside to use at some later date for something I hadn't thought of yet, I went through our recycling bin and found a few more of different sizes. I've got almost all the food in the cupboard in sealed containers now instead of just plastic bags twisted at the top, or open cardboard boxes.

So with one project done and feeling oh so proud of myself, I started to spruce up the rest of the house a bit. Nothing big, you understand, just tiny projects that have all made a teeny difference. I snipped some greens to put in those glass vases I mentioned. They now reside on the credenza that's been naked since the Christmas decorations came down.

Then I reorganized a few things in the kitchen (oh lord the kitchen... that's a whole seperate post. lol)

And added a very simple tie back to the curtain in the dining room:

Overall I've had a productive morning even though that's meant only a few rows on the socks in progress. I plan to keep every glass jar that makes it's way through our kitchen and even to choose products in glass containers over products in cardboard or plastic from now on. What about you guys - what do you do with your glass jars? Or is this something that's new to you to? (oh umm... I think that was just me. lol)


  1. Put yarn in 'em! If you don't have a lovely glass door cabinet or what ever that thing is called, then take some of your pretty yarn and arrange it in your glass jars.. That way you can show 'em off and your sweet cats won't get their paws or mouths near your precious yarn!

    like the pull back. Oh I dream of a house some day. Love my apartment, but a bedroom would make a nice change some day...

  2. Cute kitties :)

    We're lucky in Ithaca to have a grocery store where you can bring in any container, tare it, and use it for your bulk purchases. They have the usual stuff like dried beans, oats, rice, but also bulk peanut butter, maple syrup, olive oil...unfortunately I don't get down there too much, but that's what my glass containers in the closet are waiting for. What I really want to do is buy this vodka that I've seen that comes in a glass skull-shaped bottle and then use THAT container for my bulk purchases! Crystal skull maple syrup, anyone?

  3. I keep glass jars for storing spaghetti sauce when I make it homemade, but oddly enough I have several saved up right now and I never thought to use them to store other food items, either! I'm going to go put some food in them right now. :-) Thanks for the idea, haha!

  4. Great idea, every step counts :)