Friday, January 22, 2010

{Book Reviews}

I got a few new knitting books for Christmas and I wanted to let you guys in on which ones I liked and which ones I don't think are worth buying. Keep in mind these are only my opinions and others may think differently. :)

the knitter's handy Book of Patterns

Let me just say that I never plan on being a knitwear designer. I got frustrated though when I was searching for a pattern and I didn't have *just* the right weight of yarn in order to knit the pattern that I liked. I think with this book I'll be able to use a pattern and just change the stitch counts depending on my gauge swatch with this book.

It covers the basics - a sweater, hat, gloves, mittens, socks and scarf. Someone was thinking too because it's a book that's made to lay flat with rings in the middle. Smart, right? I'm looking forward to the knitter's handy book of Sweater Patterns too.

The Best of Interweave Knits

I was excited about this book because of the reputation that Interweave has of making great patterns, but I don't think my expectations lived up to the reality of this book. There are a couple of patterns that I'll probably knit, including the shawl you see on the cover, this cool bag pattern and maybe this summery top. Many of the patterns are kinda shapeless (ex: Simply Marilyn oversized sweater) and others are kind of out of date (ex: Cropped Argyle Vest). Then there are a few others that look like they are designed for someone twice my age and wouldn't really look great.

The Men's patterns in this book are timeless and fashionable forever, of course. How do men get away with that??


  1. wow, it's kind of a bummer to hear about that interweave knits book. interweave is my favorite craft magazine publisher and i subscribe to both their knitting and crochet magazines.

    thanks for the review ^^


  2. the links didn't take me to any pictures. Just some Raverly sign in page :(