Monday, January 25, 2010

{My Socks Are The Awesome}

Knitting socks might become my next favorite thing to do. Especially comfy cozy socks (which I wear in the house even in to summer lol).

The only thing I'm not totally hip on is the holes that keep appearing in the heels of the socks i knit. I think I do a short row type heel, where you wrap the stitch and then turn around and go the other way.... and I even wrapped an extra time and knit or purled three together as per Silver's Sock Class.

I was finished just in time for our weekend away at a cabin and these were perfect for keeping my little feets warm!


  1. those socks look sos snuggly! I am off to Prague soon, really looking forward to it and guess I might need some warm socks there too!

  2. The socks look so comfy and warm! Good job, you! And I wonder if everyone has that problem with the holes on the heels, I have only knitted about three pairs of socks in my life so far, but I always have to do a bit of extra sewing after I'm finished to hide those holes.

    Hope you had a great weekend, a cabin sounds terrific! Lots of snow outside and a fire inside?

    Hugs / Jenny

  3. Jenny: Rain outside and fire inside, but it had the same effect. hehe

  4. Those socks look like the kind that should never come off! They look so fuzzy and warm!

  5. I wouldn't worry too much about the holes. I've even seen holes in the pictures of socks in some of the knitting books I own. I figure if they have holes there, I can have holes there too. The socks look wonderful, btw. Good job!