Friday, January 15, 2010

{I have a Knitting Fairy}

My friend Hope is the very sweetest person I have ever met. She's an experienced knitter that visited my very tiny town when she was little and contacted me out of the blue one day on Ravelry. Ever since then I have been showered with knitterly gifts and there is no way that I can thank her enough. As a full time student there is little I can afford to splurge on. Her gifts have given me the opportunity to knit my first shawl in the most amazing yarn I have ever set my paws on, much less knit with, and she gifted me with the yarn for my first sweater.

While I was on the phone and she was walking me through some finishing techniques for said sweater I was expressing frustration with not having pictures and such, or the proper tools for pinning pieces together (I was using old locking stitch markers of my Grandmother's, which were brittle plastic and kept snapping in half on me!)

She mentioned that she may be able to help with that, and a few days later, this came in the mail:

I can not tell you how overjoyed I was. I started to tear up with such deep feelings of gratitude.

Hope - I don't know how you found me or why you picked me, a virtual stranger, to shower with such gracious gifts . Thank you... just thank you so much for enriching my experience of learning to knit and being such a wonderful friend.


  1. Wow, what a nice fairy god-knitter you've found! That book looks really good, you'll have to give us a review of it when you've used it!

    On a completely unrelated topic: How fun is it that the KnitPick's order has shipped?! I can hardly contain myself!

    Hugs / Jenny

  2. What a sweet, thoughful gift! She sounds like a wonderful friend:)

    Thanks for the comment on my centerpiece post...would you believe that I went back and forth, like a million times, about whether to write some sort of warning about fire and burlap in that post?:) ha ha, I ended up not because, well, duh...OH, and my husband's a firefighter. YOu know that was the FIRST thing he commented on when he saw the centerpiece~ ha ha

  3. How nice! Haven't you found that knitters are the most kind and generous people? It's so amazing to me!

  4. She sounds like a super awesome lady and I can't wait to see your sweater:)Hugs Darcy

  5. Hi - just returning your visit on Craft-Werk ;-). I really loved the cute owl hat you have done. the matching mittens are soo cute... but my knitting is not great :-(... NOt enough patience, I guess...