Wednesday, January 20, 2010

{My Next Cast On}

With the socks drawing quickly to a close, and with our weekend getaway trip planned for this Friday (only two more sleeps!), I found myself this morning searching Ravelry for my next Cast On. For the first time, I was searching for a project at a much higher skill level than others I've tried before. Maybe I'm gravitating towards projects that take longer now? Cool.

So anyway - here's what I settled on:

Hey Teach!

This cardigan is called "Hey Teach!" and it's a free download through It's a lot of lacework and shaping, but it's knitted on size 8's so it should go pretty quick!

I'll be doing it in this yarn here:

Mr. Pie bought me a 4 balls of Caron Simply-Soft Eco as a surprise one day when I was having kind of a rough time. It really made me smile, and now I'll smile every time I wear the cardigan. :) I even have some great buttons for it! yay!


  1. Good choice! I've made this sweater for myself and it's beautiful! The lace is really the only tricky bit and mostly that's just keeping track of where you are. You sweater should look lovely in that green (one of my favorites) :)

  2. It's a beautiful sweater. Yay Mr. Pie! You are very talented. I'm still working on my first hat, and I laugh at all the holes :)

  3. Bonnie - I had a ton of holes in my first item too. lol Don't worry too much about it, you'll get better with practice.:)

  4. Buttons and yarn... before the cast on?! You've got your stuff together, lady!

    Love the pattern, can't wait to see what you think of it!

  5. i LOVE that caron simply soft eco ways. i almost used it for one of my designs in the works, but i just found more of a color selection in read heart eco and had to go with that. but simply soft is EXCELLENT for garments. it's probably one of the best acrylic yarns out there for garments. that and Red Heart soft.
    i can't wait to see your FO, you're speedy gonzales with the sticks so i know you'll have it done in no time. oh yeah and i'll probably be mailing the beads and wire to you tomorrow so look out for it sometime next week :)

  6. that sweater is gorgeous and I think the color you picked to do it in is lovely. Can't wait to see it!