Thursday, January 7, 2010

{Find a Deal Friday}

I just found the most GORGEOUS Etsy Store called Febystan: Land of handmade.

She makes the most intricate and beautiful crochet jewelry. My personal favorite are these little Moon earrings done in a light grey metalic thread and fun coloured beads. So so pretty and the price is reasonable! Love it!


And I've also found which is a very smart looking website with very pretty yarns. They're more of a normal online store with normal online store prices, but they're having a 10% off all yarns in January. You should go check it out!

oh and psst. I finished the last sleeve of my sweater and I'm gonna sew it in tonight. But don't tell anyone. :P


  1. PurePurl looks great- and WOW- sewing the sleeve in!? Can we expect to see it on over the weekend? You must be so thrilled!

  2. I'm thinking tonight or tomorrow! :D