Sunday, January 17, 2010


I was surfing around last night and stumbled on to Budget Wise Home where they feature lots of great ideas for decorating that cost little to nothing. Since my decorating budget is nothing, it works well for me! I particularly was inspired by this photo here:

photos are from Real Simple and Pottery Barn

Isn't that the COOLEST idea? Books are a huge issue in this house and we have way more than we have space for. I ran out to the living room as soon as I saw the photo and whipped up a version of my own.

What do you think? I've been wanting a table here forever because it's sorta off in a corner and there's no place to set a book or a tea cup. It's the most comfortable seat in the house and unfortunately it's rarely used. It still needs a tall lamp I think.

Of course, solving one problem caused another. Now the bottom of my bookcase is looking sparse.

And man oh man does that bookcase need some sprucing up. Maybe this spring it'll get a coat of black paint or something. Any ideas? Opinions?

Don't worry, I'll be back to my normal knitting updates soon. The first sock is done and I've go the toes of the second cast on. :)


  1. Love the book endtable! I would recommend more horizontal stacks of books like the one you have on the middle shelf, with small potted plants and photos spread throughout. Great job!

  2. I'm going to do the book next to the couch thing at my new house!!! The problem is that most of my books are not big enough for a substantial table..I'll have to post pics of how it goes!

  3. Like PonderandStitch, I don't have that many big books, but I think I can double them up and have a "jenga" sort of coffee table. thanks so much!

  4. hello dahlink ^^/

    i love what you've done with the place xD

    but seriously, i had a great idea for the book-table. remember back in highschool when we used to cover our books with paper bags to protect them? well you could go out and buy some construction paper, or even wall paper if you want something jazzier, and cover all the books used in the table. that way you could make the table match your decor. just an idea ^^

    also, with the bookcase, my dad used to paint furniture and do something called decoupage. essentially it involves taking very thin peices of paper and pasting them onto an object. if you're looking for a fun new craft and a way to spruce up your bookcase i think it might be just the thing. this website has some useful information:

    well goodluck and happy crafting :)


  5. I have an opinion: it's terrific! I love books used like that.

    And an opinion: on the bookcase, how about letting the books be a little sparse and adding in other interesting items that are currently on top of other pieces of furniture? shells, baskets, that kind of thing, look terrific among books, and less sort of crowded than just solid books.