Friday, January 1, 2010

{Find a Deal Friday}

Yay It's back! You didn't think it was gone for good, did you? has a nice selection of discontinued yarns and colours available, with shipping under $5 in the US. The one pictured above is Cascade 220 (the one Jenny was thinking of in the comments of the last post I think), 220 yards for $5, 100% wool. They also have a whole lot of the different Noro yarns in discontinued colours for what looks like a good deal too.

Smiley's Yarns is a favourite of every bargain hunting yarnie, I think. This Filatura Lanarota brand of yarn is new to me. 100% wool, worsted weight, about 100 yards of it for a buck and a half. Some pretty colours too! I love that heathered gray in the back. From the same brand, they have about 100 yards of 100% Alpaca for $2.99. I'm seriously considering this one!

The Fox Hop is having a sale until January 5th, 20% off of batts of yarn and 25% off of hand spun yarn! She's got some super pretty stuff!

Fairy Designs has a bunch of recycled Angora and lambswool for very reasonable prices, and a bunch of it which would be nice for a larger project!

318 Yards in Worsted weight, $6.30

I hope everyone will have a great last weekend of vacation time! :)

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