Friday, October 2, 2009

The Yarn Fairy Came!

I got home from school yesterday, and look what Mr. Pie the yarn fairy had left me!

5 big balls of the great Simply Soft Eco yarn in a great dark green colour! YAY! My stash was just getting worked down too. ;)

So... what to make? A few ideas: (Ravelry links if you click on the pictures)

(I would have to hold two strands of the yarn together for this grey one)

These are all patterns off of my favorites list on Ravelry that could possibly work with this Eco yarn. Ooo! I'm excited!

Find a Deal Fridays will be either later tonight or tomorrow, so don't forget to check back for that! :) Meanwhile, I'm still chug chugging on my other sweater too. More on that later!


  1. uh, do the first one!!!!! I want to make it! but it'll have to wait 'till after my yarn diet is over. so maybe you should wait (for a very long time perhaps) and do a KAL with moi? or you could knit it now and I could live vicariously....?please please pretty please...

  2. I love the first option! The leafy pattern going up the side is so pretty, and I like its fittedness. :-)

  3. I've never seen that first one before, and I browse sweater patterns constantly. It is amazingly beautiful! And in that dark great, it will be stunning with an awesome earthy leafy feel!!! Definitely the first one!

  4. I just noticed the pattern is in French. Do you speak French? I can help you out with the French if you need it, though I have to admit I've never knitting in French, even when I lived there, so it would be a fun new experience.

  5. I do speak freak, consequently, but like you I've never read a knitting pattern. lol I'll have to probably go and translate it first, then start knitting. lol

    The vote is overwhelmingly for the first one. :)

  6. my vote would be for the little short-sleeved eyelet pullover at the bottom. i think it would look lovely on you :)

  7. oops, should have read the comments first before posting mine >.<

    i'm actually working on a french pattern right now and i'm pretty well versed in french knitting patterns after a lot of trial and error and help from my husband. so if you need any help decifering the code shot me an email on Ravelry. good luck with your french knitting endeavors!