Sunday, October 4, 2009

Find a Deal!

Alright, I admit I wasn't doing research for my blog, but I certain have found a deal!

Mom, Dad, all I want for Christmas is:

A complete set of these great Knit Picks Interchangeable needles... and they're on sale!! $44.99 is 33% off! And Mom... Dad....if you just include a few small balls of yarn in there, you'll get free shipping too! (Well anything over $50 hehe!)

Are you guys thinking about your lists yet? :)


  1. I need to alert my parents of my little blog! It seems like a great platform to (casually) inform others of ones wishes! I haven't even begun to think about the wish-list... Actually, that's a lie! Magnificent Mittens and Mostly Mittens- two books I've been lusting over for a long time!

  2. Oooh, I just recieved my acrylic interchangeables in the mail last week! I love KnitPicks, I have the Harmony Wood set as well, and I couldn't wait to try the acrylic ones as well. Luckily I found an american woman on Ravelry who was willing to sell me a kit, as they are not available in Europe yet. And as far as I've seen, the KnitPicks yarn is only available from a German website in Europe, and they don't carry all the yarns either. Sigh. Maybe I should emigrate?

    / Jenny

  3. I have the wooden ones and they are amazing! Thinking about Christmast list, oh my, I have my birthday coming up in 20 days and I don't even have a list for that!

  4. I love the harmony options!

    Also, it is worth noting that unlike the interchangeable sets available at big box stores, if you have a problem with your set (like a broken needle) Knit Picks is great about replacing it at no charge. I think that alone makes it a good investment.

  5. ooo, Thanks Megan! That's great to know. Did you hear that, Dad? ;)

  6. LOL, I refuse to think about Christmas yet! And you can't make me! LOL