Friday, October 9, 2009

What to do about Find A Deal Fridays

Hi folks! I have a question to ask you about Find a Deal Fridays. Recently I posted my blog up on a Ravelry group in order to get feedback and I got a lot of very positive responses, so thank you to those people who gave me encouragement. :)

I did receive one tip though that worried me, from a lady who pointed out that I wasn't even thinking about: when I use photos from other sites I may be violating a whole slew of copy right laws. To anyone that I've offended by doing this, I'm sorry. Now that I'm aware of the laws regarding how I can use photos I'll be much more careful about what I post.

This got me thinking about Find A Deal Fridays because that is the part of the blog that I think I borrow photos for than any other time. Traditionally I've just linked the photo over to their etsy pages or wherever, which I've also since learned is a big blogger No-No! So, if I continue to do Find A Deal Fridays, then I'm going to have to:
a: seek out the products that I want to feature much farther ahead of time than I have been and
b: seek permission to download their photo in order to upload to my site to show you guys.

What do you guys think? Would you miss FADF if it wasn't here anymore? Do you look forward to it every week and would be disappointed if it wasn't here, or would you be okay with say.. once a month instead?

Thank you in advance for your feedback in this one! :)


  1. UGH!! I think Comments were broken!!

  2. HI! I think that it's ok to use someone else's photos, but you should upload them youself, and then give them credit somewhere around the photo. That way, you aren't taking up their bandwidth, and you are also giving credit where it is due. That's my understanding- I'll check back to see what other people have to say. I'd just hate Find a deal Fridays to go away!

  3. I personally love Find a Deal Fridays! Please don't let them go away.
    Also, I can't understand why it would be bad to post someone else's pictures as long as you link to their site. If they're trying to sell something, then you posting the picture counts as publicity, right? I don't see how publicity to help them sell their wares could possibly be a bad thing...?

  4. I think it has to do with copyright laws. I know, since I'm using it for their promotion they probably won't get mad at me, but I wouldn't want to break laws still.

    I'm thinking find a deal fridays won't go away altogether, maybe they'll just be less frequent. We'll see. :)