Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Hand Hurting Again

Yes, I knit for about an hour and a half tonight, but I probably shouldn't have. My knuckle on my left hand is throbbing again and it's so not fun.

On the up side, I have the top of the sleeve figured out I think. I'll post more pictures tomorrow, maybe.

Did I mention that tomorrow is my last day of school this week?? It's fall break! And Sunday is Canadian Thanksgiving! (Well, it's really Monday, but I'll be cooking Sunday.) I've invited a few friends from school to come over for a great big dinner, because it's not thanksgiving without a bunch of friends, right? :)

I'll be spending my fall break cleaning, I think. LOL


  1. wee for break. except my teachers think it's perfectly ok to give us about 1100 pages to read and an exam, oh, yes! My statistics exam begins the 15.
    I'll be cleaning before the break, as my mum plans to come and stay a week. I hope you are actually able to relax during your break. Get better now hand! That's an order!

    Enjoy your vacation!

  2. I'm sorry to hear your hand is hurting again! Hope it helps to rest it. You seemed to get a lot of beautiful crochet done last time you wrote about the hand, maybe that could be an option this time too?

    I'm also sorry to admit that I haven't actually sent your yarn package yet... I've been collecting some chunky wool leftovers as well, and I thought I would send them along. It's not much of each colour, but maybe they can be used as a decoration, or something. I'll try to get it to the post office before the weekend!

    I'm currently on a yarn diet, as I bougth so much yarn at the sewing festival. However, I have two exceptions: One is if I can get my hands on more Kunstgarn, a danish yarn that I love. The other is if I can get some white KnitPicks Main Line yarn! I got 10 skeins this yarn in green from a friend of mine, and I plan to make some colourwork with white as a contrasting colour. And I like to use usimilar yarns for the different colours, so I would really like some skeins of this yarn. I think 5 skeins should do it. So if you order the needles from knitpicks, feel free to include 5 skeins of white Main Line for me as well! Just tell me the cost, and I'll send it to you by Paypal. It's so nice of you to offer to do this!

    And if you don't get over $50 even so, I'm sure I can find some other yarns I'd like...

    / Jenny