Monday, October 19, 2009

New Cast Ons

So after finishing two hats this week (scroll down to see pics) I had nothing left on the needles, so I cast on TWO projects yesterday.

Number one, and of the highest priority, is a pair of slippers for Mr. Pie. I made myself a pair a while back and have been enjoying them. I have not been enjoying the guilt trip every time I finish another project that isn't his slippers! hehehe It's getting very very cold in my part of Virginia these mornings, so I figured it's time to get cracking on these:

Knitting Moccasin Slippers

They aren't much to look at but I like that they're knit flat and then seamed. Mr. Pie wants them to be tall enough that he can tuck his pajamas in to them and I'm not exactly sure how I'm going to make that happen yet. He's also expressed that he wants "crazy slippers", meaning I use whatever yarn I don't have enough of to make something else. Since it's knitted with two strands of worsted held together, I've started out with some Lion Brand Wool Ease in burgundy and blue put together. I'm hoping I can at least get the bottoms of them to match. lol

Do you remember this yarn that was to become socks, but got frogged?

Well, I decided to search for a project that this would be suited for. With someone in mind for a Christmas gift, I chose this project here:

I don't even have the first rows done, but it should be pretty mindless and I hope it turns out pretty with all the striping!

So with both going at once, of course I won't have a finished project quite as quickly. I'll let you guys know how they're comoin'! :)


  1. I love the yarn that is going to be a cowl. What is it? I think it will look great as a cowl!

  2. That cowl is pretty! I might have to make one, too!