Thursday, October 22, 2009

Happy Tinker Day!

No, not like "tinking" some knitting! Tinker Day is an annual celebration at Hollins, my school. It's a surprise every year and no one (except the President of the university) knows when it's going to be until 6am when seniors run through the hallways banging pots and pans. It's tradition to wear a funky get up and hike Tinker Mountain, where at the top there will be Krispy Kreme doughnuts waiting as well as lots of festivities.

Here's President Gray this morning:

So as you may have guessed, since I'm here to post this today, I'm not on a mountain. hehe I decided to stay home this morning instead after the killer week I've had. I'll be at this school for another two years, so I'll catch it next year. :)

Instead I've spent the day catching up on the cleaning of the house. Mr. Pie and I decided to hose down the shutter doors in our kitchen by laying them in the yard. They were seriously gross because our house is so old that it doesn't have a fan above the stove. Seriously yuk. lol Then we cleaned the spinning fan ( for the same reason), vacuumed and got some laundry on. I feel as if I've accomplished something today. :)

I had a big midterm in Anthropology yesterday and feel GREAT about how it went! I can't wait to get it back and see how I did. I also got my first big grade in that class back and I got an A on the paper! YAY! I'm keeping my A in Calculus still, and am pretty sure I have an A in Business class too. Leadership is the only one I'm uncertain about because we haven't received a whole lot of concrete grades just yet. But I'm feeling good about my first term. :)

We've already grabbed a sneak peak at the schedule next semester and I'm thinking I'll be doing Calculus 2, Math Lab, Business Organization, Ethical Leadership and maybe the next Leadership skills class. Crazy enough, I think it's going to work out to fewer credits than I'm taking now.

So yeah, on to knitting updates. hehe Mr. Pie has expressed numerous times how he'd like for me to make him a pair of slippers. His requests: that I use scrap yarn so they're in funky colours, and that they're tall enough that he can tuck in the hem of his pajama pants. This was my first attempt...

.. and he couldn't even get his foot in the top. ARGH!! I even undid some of the seaming up the back! They're knit in garder stitch so they are SUPER stretchy, but that dang cast off screwed me! LOL I have no idea how to cast off in a stretchier way, but I'm seriously going to have to learn 'cause this was terrible. They are so tightly knit too (double worsted weight yarns on a 7), which makes them super warm but hard on the hands when knitting. This one fits me (again) but I'm going to have to make a second one eventually. lol

My second project on the needles is the cowl, which I have't spent much time with as evidenced here:

Hopefully school will calm down for a little while and I'll be able to bang out a few more christmas gifts, but I'm not counting on it. How is your Christmas knitting coming along?


  1. Sounds like a fun time at your school...great job on your courses--they sound like hard ones!

  2. I've been hearing about Tinker Day on facebook all day. lol Yay on your midterm! I just have to point out how funny it is that you said taht you hosed down the shutter doors by laying them in the YARN. hehe You are clearly a knit-crazed woman. :) Hope to catch up in person soon!

  3. LOL I even read and re-read for spelling mistakes! LOL I'm clearly not in my right mind. lol :)

    I hope I see you soon too!

  4. Sorry about your cast off struggles- we've all had them! Cute colors though! Maybe a sewn bind off a la Elizabeth Zimmerman? I find it's very stretchy and matches the long tail cast on well.

  5. Megan - I'll have to give that one a try, and I should totally add that Zimmerman book to my amazon wish list. lol

  6. Yes, the sewn bind-off is awesome! I used it for the neck of a pullover sweater and it came out great.