Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Christmas Knitting Update

Oh my gosh, so much going on with my Christmas knitting! I'm excited to show you... Dum Da Duuuummm! ... Another Christmas present knitted and done!

stacked eyelet cowl

This super cute cowl is made from my hand dyed wool from a while back and I'm super happy with it. It could have maybe been a tad smaller and it really REALLY needs to be blocked so it'll hold its shape... and maybe it could use a button? or a pin? to hold it folded like that around the neck. Hmmmmm....

I've cast on another hat in the mean time. This time the Beanie by Sue Blacker, which has this awesome "braided" look to it all the way around! Oh, here's the pic:

and here's what I have so far...

(Shameless Canada Promotion provided by my laptop cover)

Isn't it awesome?? I'm knitting it with a knit picks City Tweed DK in chipmunk that I've been saving for just the right project, and I think this one will be perfect! I think it'll use pretty much the entire ball which always makes me really happy. hehe The only part I'm not loving about this pattern is that I'm going to have to pick up and knit after I've finished the braid and I hope I don't get mad and this just turns in to a headband. LOL

Ooo! Speaking of Knit Picks! My overseas Blogger friend (if she's like to be named, leave a comment for me!) and I went in together and made a SUPER huge knit picks order that I am so excited about! She even got some friends in on it! HEHE! I'll ship it over to her once her stuff arrives at my door and I was able to slip in a few different yarns for me! I bought some Palette in red, green and white to make little christmas ornaments, and I bought a ball of chunky yarn to make a big ear-flap hat for another friend for Christmas. (As an aside: do you see a pattern here?) Totally cool, right?? I can't wait!


  1. I love that cowl! Cowls are very important now, huh? I love the drap of that cowl. Very pretty!

    I'm excited to see the City Tweed DK knits up. Do you like working with it? I'm such a sucker for tweedy cables! The project looks great!

  2. He he, it's definitely all right if you want to use my name, I'm so very happy about this order!

    On a side note, I spoke to a freind at a knitting café yesterday who gets things shipped from the US on a regular basis. She said I should ask you to mark the package as a gift, and when you fill out the shipping info on it, please state that the value in it doesn't exceed $30. Otherwise we might have to pay a quite heavy toll fee for it. If this i ok wiht you, of course!

    / Jenny

  3. I really need to find time to make some of this cool stuff! I want it all! LOL

    Love you baby-girl!