Thursday, October 29, 2009

Find a Deal!

Okay you guys, I found the COOLEST Etsy store! It's called KNotes for KNitters and Maggie, the owner, has some of the greatest knitting accessories I've ever seen.

My very favourite is her Pirate Knitting Bags!! These totally made me crack up laughing:

I think these bags are an absolute Hoot for $12.95! She also carries some great hand lotions, bookmarks, magnets, and fiber care tags:

Girl Riding Sheep, Set of 8 for $3.95

On top of this great sense of humour and wonderful creativity, she also happens to be a super nice person. Here's what she had to say about her store:

"Making the art I do pleases me because I can rescue the antique & vintage
photos I love and breathe a second life into them, sending them back out into
the world again. And, even better, my husband no longer complains about
my ever-growing collection!"

Always with those pesky husbands, huh? ;) Check back for Holiday designs coming soon in her shop! Oh, and certainly don't forget to check in with Darcy's Knotty Knitter, where you can enter a give away for some of Maggie's proprietary "Happy Hands" lotion!


  1. What a great shop! Thanks for another FADF! The tags are just in time for Christmas- Score!

  2. I love your post will be drawing the name of the winner in a few minutes:)Hugs Darcy