Thursday, October 8, 2009

Major Score!

Today, Mr. Pie and I took a walk in the little downtown area of our tiny town to have lunch and see what's new in the shops and such. One of my favorite little stores is a cute consignment clothes shop that always has name brand baby clothes for like $2 each and has a "give away" bin for clothes that are more worn than she feels comfortable charging for. I've always taken a little bit of time to go through and see if there was anything knitted that I could pull apart.

Well! Today when we went in they had actually moved up to the store front level (from the basement level) and had much less space than before. I looked around for the freebies, didn't see them, and was preparing myself for the worst. When we asked the owner if the bin was still around, she took me down to her old store and me go through a bunch of boxes! Check out my haul!

From left to right we have a ladies size M in 100% cotton, girl's size M in 53% acrylic, 47% wool, girl's size S 50% nylon, 18% angora, 32% lambswool, and a men's L in 55% cotton, 15% wool, 15% rayon, 15% nylon.

Along with the yarn I scored a zipper (on the green one) and 4 buttons (on the peach one). Woo!

The lady is still going through inventory and said that she would put aside more sweaters that had big chunky knits. YAY! It's like I've found the ultimate source for sweaters that need rescuing! :)

Now, to go put them in my stash on ravelry. I love that part!

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