Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Another Cast On

I decided yesterday that I was becoming a little irritated and bored with my CotLin dishclothes, so I decided to cast on another project that I was eager to start: My 3-Hour Sweater, which you can see the pattern for here.

It isn't really a three hour sweater for me, I'm not THAT fast yet, but I do have a significant amount done since yesterday:

I'm knitting it with the recycled angora blend that I've been hanging on to for so long! Remember this stuff?

I wanted to try and do it like some of the modifications I saw on Ravelry where the ribbing goes all the way up past the waist, but I was scared I didn't have enough yarn, so it's just a wee bit of ribbing at the bottom, like the pattern calls for. I did take the sweater in significantly in the waist though too, so I hope that works out for me! I nipped it in pretty good, maybe too much, so we'll see about that one once I sew it together. I'm also going to be attempting to make the neck line a wider scoop than the original, which I think will be more flattering as well. With me luck. :)


  1. That yarn looks like it will be so cozy to wear as a sweater. I can't wait to see the finished product! I like to see people casting on more projects- it makes me feel less guilty about my own start-it-itus!

  2. wow, i really can't beleive how fast you knit, you're a lil speed demon >:p

    are you a continental knitter or an english knitter?

  3. I knit english style! Isn't that crazy? I don't think I knit that much slower (on average) than most continental though, from what I've seen. *shrug*?

  4. wow, that IS amazing that you knit that fast knitting English. I'm an English knitter as well and a notoriously s..l...o...w... knitter. i'd be interested to know what your secret is xD