Thursday, September 3, 2009

Please, Pay No Attention To The Zombie Leg

I cast on slippers! Having completed the christmas list so far, I decided to do something easy and experimental. Originally, they were supposed to be for Mr. Pie, but they came out a little small so I'll have to do his for him next. ;) They're done in some stray acrylic I had around and they are sooooooo soft and squishy and comfy! These ones you knit flat and then seam up the bottom and back. Way cool project.

The second day of school was today, and let me tell you something: I am going to be very busy this semester. I'm taking 4 classes (18 credits). Calculus I, Introduction to Anthropology, Introduction to Business, and Leadership Skills. All of them are going to be pretty intense, with about an hour of reading at least between each class, and the Calculus will be at least an hour a day of homework. Man oh man ...

But I'm excited at the same time. I love the school I'm at and I know I'm going to be more joyful again once I have my mojo back and have the groove of things. I'm a creature of habit and pattern and I haven't found habits or patterns yet, so I think it makes me feel a bit on edge.

In the mean time, I'll knit to keep same.


  1. I am so excited that you are taking an anthropology class. That was my major in college! Let me know if you learn anything that you find particularly interesting. :)

    That looks like a neat sock pattern. Did you design it, or did you use a pattern? I have been thinking about making slippers.

    Have a great night!

  2. Will the slippers be for you? I'm a firm believer that every knitter needs a pair of handknit slippers of their own! The slipper looks squoosh-tastic!

  3. I know what you mean girl, I know. is college and university level the same 'over there'? I'm in uni and this year I have to take Economics, Sociology, 1. year project seminar, 1. year project, Chinese, and inter disiplinary research methods and it's all in English (I'm Danish)... I spend 5-6 hours of reading every day besides classes, feels like I have no life, but knitting is great at helping me stay sane

  4. You will find your groove easily! I know it :) and I am going to suggest that you never lost your "mojo", it just moved to something else for the summer *grins*

  5. OH! and that is a very cute zombie ankle! LOL