Sunday, September 20, 2009

Cowl Is Done!

YAY! Something done that's for me! hehe This is the cowl that I began before my hand starting hurting and was put on pause. Here it is just laying flat:

I recycled and dyed this yarn from a yard sale sweater some while back but didn't have any real plan for it. The gradient dye that I tried with the brown turned out SO GOOD with this project! I love it! I wish that the yarn had just a teensy bit more elasticity in it, though, to hold it up around my face better. I'm still working on the concept of choosing the right yarn for the right project, ya know?

Here it is with my favourite winter coat:

And pulled up over my ears and nose!

I'm left with about half of the green still and just a teensy bit of the brown. Maybe I'll do a christmas ornament or something.

On the needles right now is a crochet scarf that I'll soon be sharing with you. Oh, and when they say that crochet is a lot faster? They're SO not lying. LL I just started the scarf last night and I'm about a half hour from finishing it! Crazy, right? :)


  1. Beautiful cowl, I love the colour combo! Glad to hear your hand is feeling better. Did it work to crochet instead?

    I seem to have jinxed myself with my last comment, as my left arm is now hurting (I think I've got some sort of inflammation in it), and more or less prevents me from knitting.

    I really like the new layout on the blog as well, the header picture is really beutiful! Maybe I should put something fun in my header as well sometime?

  2. you are so right. the gradient brown is really nice.

  3. For some reason I had trouble commenting last time. I do like your header! And I love the cowl. Seeing your pic makes me miss you. :( Can't wait until we can get together again. I guess we'll both be crocheting. lol

  4. My god- that is great! It looks awesome with your jacket and your coloring! The colors are perfect!

  5. I love the stripes! That is very cute. I also like the new layout adn theme of the site.

  6. Thank you to everyone for your complements!

    Lisa - I am so ready to get together again. I told you I found the *perfect* place for us to knit together right? In the Kroger plaza in Trouteville?

    Jenny - sorry to hear about your injury now too! Yuck!! I highly recommend playing with your blog to get your mind of knitting and give your hand a rest. :)

  7. Looks beautiful! Great job and great recycling!

  8. your cowl looks pretty fab hun, i adore those colors together, and they look good on you too :)

    i think if you wanted it to have a little more elasticity you could frog it and reknit casting on fewer stitches this time. ribbing has a lot of stretch naturally so if you use fewer stitches it should fit a little tighter to you.