Saturday, September 5, 2009

Find a Deal ... Saturday?

Now with new and improved Picture Clicking! (duh? Why didn't I have this before?)

Well, I knew it would happen eventually, sadly. It's Saturday and I forgot Find a Deal Fridays yesterday! Ack! So with that behind us, we'll dive right in. Labor Day sales galore!

Gosh I love recycled yarn! MichMashYarns has a whole bunch of it for 20% off of their regular prices! My favourite:

100% Lambswool! 250 Yards of it, worsted weight, for $3.20. Fab! There are about 30 other yarns to choose from at her Etsy store, so definitely go check out all her recycled goodness.

I'm tellin' ya, I did NOT expect to find a great deal at such a great dyer! BareSheepYarn has marked down this beautiful hand dyed skein, called Jenny:

120 yards of Super Wash Merino for $9.99! Super pretty. I want a hat made of this. :)

Smiley's Yarns has a few new ones I saw today too. Big Tuft Merino is 80% off retail at $1.99 per 27 yards. And Paton's SWS, made of wool and soy mixed, is more than 50% off at $2.99. I think the one that makes me the most excited, though, is the Roywan Soft Luxe below! For three bucks you get 137 yards of worsted weight Wool/Cashmere/Nylon blend. I LOVE that sable colour (the taupey-browny one). It's called Rowan Soft Lux.


  1. What a great deal! That pink is gorgeous. Thanks so much for sharing!

  2. I love the Jenny skein- I think it would be perfect as a hat. Did you buy the yarn? Could you pass on a deal like that?!

  3. LOL Kate - I'm back in school AND not working anymore. Makes it easier not to buy it. LOL