Tuesday, September 22, 2009

My First Fair Isle!!

At least, I think this is fair isle. That's anytime you use two colours back and forth in a row to make a pattern, right? Like this?

Snowflake Hat

And Yes, that's normally what my workspace looks like... maybe minus the wine. Most of the time. :P The scarf that I did in crochet in the same colours is done! It needs for me to be home before dark though so I can get a pic of it! Y'all will see it soon, I promise.


  1. Nice hat, it ceratinly looks like you have no problems with the tensions of the strands! That was a huge issue for me when I made my first colourwork about a year ago, on the shoulders of a sweater. It looks very beautiful on the floor, but is too tight for my shoulders so it keeps scrunging up... I wish I had the energy to frog it and redo it, but I really don't!

    I made my mother a hat with snowflakes on it for her birthday, she will recieve it this weekend, and it turned out much better though, so I guess I learned something while making the sweater!

    Oh, by the way, I have some leftover Black Drops Merino Superwash yarn, if you're interested? I hate having scraps lying around and taking up space, so I try to get rid of it ASAP. It's probably a bit less than half a skein, but if you want to try it I can send it to you?

    / Jenny

  2. I love these colors together...it is starting to look great! Thanks for subscribing to my youtube channel BTW!

  3. Looks beautiful!
    I, too, love a glass of red wine while knitting. Completely knitterly bliss!

  4. The hat looks great! I love colorwork snowflakes- I'm trying to find a nice mitten pattern with that motif. Have fun with the hat- colorwork is addicting, right? You just want to see the picture develop and keep saying "One more row. Just one more row." ;)

  5. I think wine is an essential part of a workspace!

  6. No no, I really don't need any money for sending you the yarn, I'm just happy to see it come to an new, loving home =)

    I just hate to throw away usable yarn, it seems such a waste, and if someone else can use my scraps, I'm just glad to help out!

  7. I made a hat something like this. Love doing fair isle and yours is coming out great!