Saturday, September 12, 2009

A Fun Surprise

Earlier this week I had a VERY fun surprise come in the mail from my friend Jenny on Ravelry. She had been destashing some yarns (really, giving away, since she was only charging shipping.) and the only one left was a very small lonely ball of white mohair. I asked if I could have it since I hadn't had the opportunity to knit with mohair yet and she even offered to send it for free because it was only going to be a couple of dollars.

Then about Wednesday or so, after totally forgetting about it, look what I got in the mail from Sweden!

A VERY cute note, the little ball of mohair, and TWO chocolate bars!! (yes, the second didn't make it to the photoshoot - terrible tragedy.) She even went to the extra trouble of translating the ingredients list for me in case I was allergic to something. It has got to be some of the best chocolate I've ever had. Oh my god it was good!

Thank you so much Jenny!! I think I'm going to knit a little snowman for christmas. :)


  1. You're very welcome! I'm in a European RAK (Random acts of kindness) group on Ravelry, and it's just a pleasure to see how happy people are when you send them little things and notions. As I discovered that it wasn't very expensive to send packages to USA either, I think I might try and find one more, world wide group as well.

    I'm glad you liked the yarn, and the chocolate!

    / Jenny

  2. wow nice surprice. Jenny you are always welcome to send some RAKs to De nmark, if you haven't done so already.. and Yes, KEX is wonderful, to bad we don't have it in DK.

  3. That was a great idea to translate the ingredient list. I wouldn't have thought that! Though now I will, in case I ever send any Finnish chocolate or stuff to strangers. BTW, I'm pretty sure those chocolate bars are also sold in Finland. They look so familiar.

  4. OH NO! A terrible tragedy?!? I hope you are ok!
    *big grins*