Monday, September 7, 2009

Lacking Inspiration?

After finishing my slippers, I've been lacking inspiration for what I want to cast on next. Yes, it's true, I have a cotton dishcloth on the needles... and that sock that's been there forever... but the later will soon be complete and the latter is completely uninteresting to me. Why is this happening? Maybe a push to get the Christmas projects done has left me lacking a vision or a sense of purpose?

It's not like I don't have things in my queue that I could start on. I've got a couple of balls of my hand-dyed that I've been thinking about trying some fair-isle on, a couple single skeins that would work for a small neck warmer, and a couple balls of those alpaca that I've decided to use for my dream scarf project! Why aren't I all over that?

Well, I'm not entirely sure. Here's a few pictures of projects that I technically have the yarn for, but seem uninterested in starting:

So where do you all you passionate crafters find your inspiration? Hopefully this'll give me a kick in the pants! :)


  1. I personally get my inspiration from all different places, but mostly from yarn and fashion magazines (or blogs).
    I find that when I feel yarn for a while I just cannot WAIT to make something gorgeous out of it, and also when I search through fashion magazines and see all those beautiful things, I keep thinking, I can make something like that and then not only will I have something beautiful, but I will have made it! Generally looking at beautiful things causes me to itch to create beautiful things.
    So my advice is to surround yourself with pictures of things you think are pretty, and maybe it'll inspire you! Works for me, at least. Good luck getting going and happy knitting.

  2. Sorry to hear you're feeling uninspired! I think it happens to everyone, and it just makes you more grateful when you do get that spark back.

    At the moment, I'm really inspired by autumn... I've been in the desert for the last five years, so I'm all over leafy, orange things right now!

    With yarns, though, sometimes I think touching them is all I need to get an idea. I'm starting gloves out of what was to be a scarf yarn just because of how soft it is! :)

  3. Omg, I love those little jar covers!!!

  4. you know, sometimes when i knit a lot i find myself getting to a point where i feel burnt out and just don't wanna knit anything. so i won't knit for a few days, or a week and then one day i'll just pick up my needles and start knitting again.

    i think sometimes we just need a little break, kinda like knitting hibernation to give our brains some time to rest. then we come out on the other side we're more energized than ever to start clicking!

  5. I made the Nordic Headband and it was fast and fun.

  6. When I've lost my mojo I just put the needles down and I force myself to not knit. I didn't knit for an entire month (GASP) this summer, and it gave me perspective to see what I really wanted to knit. Good luck! I hope you find your muse!

  7. I think you can afford to have a little downtime without berating yourself... cos most of the time you are a serious knitting ninja :-)

    I get masses of inspiration on Ravelry, looking at other people's projects. (The only down side is I spend so much time on there that I run out of time for knitting!)