Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Recycling A Sweater Tutorials

No... not a tutorial from ME silly! I'm not enough of an expert at any of this yet for me to be trying to teach anyone else! But I thought I might share a few sites that I went to when I was researching how to recycle a sweater. It's crazy fun and oh so gratifying. Enjoy! :)


(doesn't that look FUN? hehehe!)

Craft Stylish's version here is close to what I do when I unravel than the previous example.

Or this one here from My Virtual Sanity was the version that I relied heavily upon.

Enjoy your recycling projects! Be sure and let me know about all the cool stuff you're gonna make for next to nothin'!


  1. I love recycling old sweaters--it's my NEW THING now!

  2. Came to see if I could help you w/ your WIPs...HTML puzzles are sometimes like a drug with me:) I've got a half frogged store bought sweater in the closet right now:) I love the idea.

  3. Zel: I love that you came to help!! Thank you so much! I've tried posting it now, so let's see what happens. :)