Thursday, July 16, 2009

Blogs I'm Digging

One of the big reasons that I began writing on this blog was to meet some cool people and become a part of the omnipresent, yet previously elusive, blogosphere. I wanted to meet cool people who were interested in the same things as I am and make some cool, creative friends! Here's a short list of some of the people I'm enjoying reading!

Top of the list is Ponder And Stitch. Her and I have started emailing back and forth and she's a totally cool chick! She has her own Etsy shop selling very pretty vintagey clothing and jewelry that she makes. This purse below is from her store (and psst: it's on sale!)

Here at Cliodhna's Updates , Cliodhna is hosting what looks to be a very interesting mystery Knit-a-long! This is where you log in every week to get the next instructions, but you're never certain what it is you're knitting! How fun is that! I think I'll jump in on the next one. Here's the current one so far, in case you want to start with week 2. She's also running a contest right now!

Molto Di Moda Designs dips her fingers in so many different crafts, it's great! She gives instructions for recycling a sweater in to a purse, making zuccinni bread, creating your own cosmetics! She's a thrifter and a crocheter too... what's not to love?

And finally, but certainly not at the bottom of my list, is A Hard Days Knit. She a knitter and crocher with big beautiful pictures on her blog. Her puppy dog is so adorible! How could you resist this face?

I hope you guys check these blogs out and give 'em some love too!

Everyone looking forward to tomorrow's Find a Deal Friday?? I know I am! hehe I'm pre-shopping even as we speak!


  1. Awwww- you are so sweet!! This brightened my day on a day I really needed it. :) (and I hope you meant cool chick hahaha).

  2. oh man! I can't believe I missed that typo so many times! LOL fixing!