Friday, July 17, 2009

Dye Job #2

This is a warning for all yarnies who are faint of heart, the following photo is very disturbing.

This is a photo of a tragic accident involving a full 50 yard skein of my beloved recycled angora blend yarn, painstakingly frogged by this author with her own two hands. On the evening of Wednesday, July 15th, approximately 8:30 pm when all other skeins were being extracted from their bath in the washing machine, this poor skein was left behind. Then later in the evening when this author inserted other clothing in to the washing machine to be cleaned, it was agitated to and fro with said towels and jeans.

RIP this yarn! *sniff* Knowing that this skein wouldn't want it's short existence to be completely in vain, I decided to use it's remains for the scientific kool aid experimentation.

This was the result:

Not bad, right? This time I used strawberry with a bit of grape mixed in and I mixed the kool aid in a glass ahead of time. I didn't *quite* cover the yarn so that there would be a few different levels of colour. I think if I really could knit with this, it would be pretty. lol

At the end of frogging that sweater I had about 15 yards left that I decided to experiment with at the same time using a lemonade kool aid. The results didn't work out quite as well.

I think this was about 1 1/2 packs of the lemonade and you can kinda tell it's yellowy-er, but it didn't turn the already tan parts green as I had hoped.

So this experiment wasn't quite as bad as my first, and hopefully my next won't be quite as bad as this. I'm thinking of buying a few of those 100% wool balls that I posted below, but I don't even want to waste the money on that if I'm just going to mess it up! Still, not a complete disaster is an improvement. I'm optimistic about the future yet again.


  1. Oh, I say keep experimenting with the strawberry and grape- that's really pretty!

  2. Bravo for trying! I love to experiment!