Friday, July 24, 2009

Find a Deal Fridays! YAY!

Oh my gosh, I can't believe it's Friday already! And boy have I got some deals for you!

Sqwish, of One of a Kind Sock Yarns on Etsy is having a great sale on some of her hand dyed yarns! Prices start at $10 and there's free shipping when you buy it along with another item. Here's some of her stuff:

How Yummy is that?? Most of what she has is 100% wool, all right around 100g. I also love that she's from my home region of BC, Canada! Support the Canadians, I say! ;)

Woolen Mill St. Yarns , also of Etsy, is having a great sale for just this weekend, too. She has tons of hand dyed yarn and fiber, starting at just $8! F or this weekend only all of her yarn are $2, and all fiber is $1. There are some gorgeous colour ways, all inspired by my favourite science fantasy characters from shows like Star Trek, and Firefly. This is the roving I liked the best:

I've recently stumbled across this website, which looks interesting: They sell lots of different brands of yarn, including this one here from Artful Yarns, at about 53% off:

I love the gradual colour changes in this ball. I don't think this exact colour way is what's available, but it looks like they had some great deals on a huge variety of different yarns and brands. Another thing I really like about this site is that when you put an item in your cart and it gives you the exact shipping charges based on your total order. For instance, if I wanted 4 balls of yarn at $4, it would come out to $16, but I know that shipping is the same for $15-20, then I know I can add another $4 on and not pay more shipping. I like that a lot! :)

Have a great weekend Everyone!

edit: I apologize for the incredibly unimaginable amount of exclamation posts that were in this post. I think I was on my 4th cup of coffee when I was writing this. LOL Most have now been edited out so that it does not appear as if I was screaming my deals at you like an infomercial. Please, carry on with your day. ;)


  1. Oh man. I want some! I'm just about ready for some new yarn.

  2. These were great deals for amzing yarns!!!