Wednesday, July 15, 2009

I've declared today a KNIT day!

After a week of getting almost no knitting done in favour of projects more new and exciting, I've declared today a day for knitting. Hopefully I'll get a good chunk of my tank top done, and maybe even finish off that gray and burgundy hat.

Before doing that, though, I had to wind that newest recycled yarn in to balls so that it wouldn't get knotted and tangled. I've learned this the hard way having had to throw out a ton of that cotton yarn that I frogged from the sweater. Here is the rest, looking lonely and forlorn:

If there is anyone reading this who owns a winder and thinks they can make heads or tails of this bag, they are welcome to it. All 1600 yards of 100% cotton lace-weight yarn! Yours to keep! :)

Here's the first 3 center pull balls I've made per these instructions (near the bottom of the page) on made from the bulky angora blend that I am so excited about.

I have these three, plus two more 50-yard skeins drying, and one more sleeve plus a half back to go on the unraveling, so I'm thinking I'll have maybe 450 yards or so! I've decided it is destined to be this pullover:

I'll have enough yarn for one of these in a my size, a medium, and I think the natural colour will actually suit the design very well, negating the need to continue experimenting with the dyeing process. I think I need some time to recuperate from that one! I did cast on a swatch using the dyed yarn and my size 15 needles though, shown here:

My gauge is a tad off. There are too much stitches for ever 10cm. That usually means I should use a bigger needle, right? What do you do if this is the biggest needle you have? Should I just use the stitch measurements for size Large and that will give me a size M? It's not TOO far off, only 1 stitch.

Must... not... cast on... another... project. Must... resist... the temptation!


  1. That pullover is gorgeous! Wow, I can't even imagine knowing how to make something like that.

  2. it just looks complicated, but actually it's one of the easiest patterns I've ever seen - you just use big yarn and really big needles!