Friday, July 31, 2009

Find a Deal Fridays!

Welcome to the weekend everyone! Well... almost. :)

In preparation for this week I was searching ebay for any cool auctions going on at the moment. Has anyone else realized that there's crap for yarn on there? Slim pickings I thought... at least until I found this one vendor: Over the Rainbow Yarns . Here's some of her hand-painted cottons, rayons, bamboo and silks (and many combinations!)

They're all right around $12-$15 including shipping and she has about 500 yarns in her ebay store! After having such a terrible time finding any pretty hand painted yarn that isn't an animal fiber, it's so cool to find a store like this! :)

Do you have anyone who's been asking you about learning to knit? Send them Craft Leftovers at Etsy! The kit below costs a little under $7 and you get a pair of size 8 needs, 50 yards of a recycled handspun silk & wool blend (orange is just one colour choice), three vintage buttons and a print of a great headband pattern! I also love that she's finding purposes for her odds and ends. How cool is that? Oh, and shipping is only a quarter if you buy yourself some yarn at the same time. ;)

Meanwhile, there's a summer sale going on over at Green Prairie Fibers on etsy too! This one is my favourite because I want to eat it:

It's a merino/cotton twist, 170 yards of bulky weight for $12.75. There are so many pretty things here I could spend a week's pay!

Allright, that's it for this week folks! I hope you find the perfect yarn for your stash! :)

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