Monday, July 27, 2009

How much more Knit Stitch can I take??

Well, I'm about 4 and a half inches in to the pull over vest ( a little ahead of when the photo was taken) and BOY is that a lot of knit stitch! LOL It's completely mindless! Originally the pattern was written to go back and forth in stockinette (knit one row, purl one row), which maybe would have kept me a tad more awake, but would have forced me to do some more seaming at the end. This is the first time that I've tried to alter a pattern quite like this, and I'm kinda scared. My plan is to seperate out the stitches for the back and the ones from the front at the beginning of the arm decreases, keep the back ones on the round needle as a kind of stitch holder, and work the front V-neck on straight needles. Does this sound to anyone else as if it may not work? In my head it sounds great! But what do I know? ;)

This next update is 100% Mr. Pie's fault, as he lead me unknowingly in to a very large Goodwill, and then coerced me in to purchasing these great finds!

These are 3 100% Cotton sweater, in what looks to me like maybe a light worsted weight that have been added to my "To Frog" stash. Is anyone else keeping count? That makes 6 sweaters in there right now and I'm feeling it getting out of control! I couldn't very well pass up those two identical red sweaters! Look how much of that matching yarn there is! And the grey one is such a pretty heathered tone. Here's a close up:

How pretty are those??? Maybe together in an afghan? Hmmmmmmmm.... ;) This evening, apart from a TON of knitting, I took some time out not only to tidy my house (it needed it!) but also to work on blocking the red scarf I finished not long ago. Here's my process: (my apologies in advance for the crummy image. lol)

I got it good and soaked in the sink and then set it out on this towel and began stretching and pulling as I wound the towel up, then I stood on the towel to squeeze out all the water. Now, I'm pretty sure that this yarn is 100% acrylic. Can anyone tell me if blocking is even necessary for acrylic? Or effective? I'm hoping it will make the lacey pattern more visible, so we'll wait and see!


  1. Hi, my dear. :)

    You know, after looking at all the things you make and the process of all these different projects..I don't think I could ever even begin to understand knitting. It is wayyyy over my head! You are amazing to be able to make this stuff!

  2. My daughter reuses yarn from old sweaters. So GREEN!!!
    Some say you can not block acrylic but I think you can.

  3. You don't learn it all at once silly! :)

  4. Love those yarns together. Mr. Pie did a good thing. :) I have yet to get far enough on anything to block it. lol

  5. Nice finds! I really want to do that.

  6. I like the mindless stuff sometimes... course I'm still new to knitting... but I like that the mindless knits allow me to watch mindless tv at the same time! : D

  7. You may be done already, but as far as the vest goes, you certainly can do what you are proposing. The only thing to be careful of is that sometimes you have to decrease the number of stitches when doing it in the round b/c back and forth patterns call for some selvage stitches in there for seaming, and when you're not seaming you don't need those. Also, with some yarns they pull out of shape more when there isn't a seam in there to hold them more rigidly together.
    Good luck w/ all your projects!