Thursday, July 9, 2009

My New Obsession

Who doesn't love a good yarn bargain? Being the Student Knitter that I am, there's no way I could afford to pay full price for all the beautiful yarns that my patterns call for. For instance, this sweater has particularly caught my fancy...

...but the Inca Gold that the pattern calls for is about $9/skein and it'll need... oh... 8 skein or so. That's like... more than I can afford!! So instead, I hunt hunt hunt!

I've become particularly addicted to checking this site: because of bargains like this Red Heart Casual Cot'n for 99 cents!

and Moda Dea's Cotton and Bamboo blend for $2.99.

It's all just SO GOOD! I want to build a stash more than anything in the world so I can just fill the bathtub with balls of yarn and lay in it! hehehe! The only problem is that you have to buy $50 at a time (anyone want to split an order with me? ) and even with that, they still charge $13 for shipping. Does that seem a little steep for anyone else? Hmm. It's still a great deal though I suppose, even with the shipping included.

Then, someone on Ravelry mentioned and I went NUTS. Have you guys SEEN some of these prices??? Some of those are crazy low too. Not as low as at mind you, but at least I can buy whatever quantity I need just for the project I'm working on instead of trying to think ahead to all my upcoming projects, you know?

But since I'm still very new at the whole substituting yarns thing, I'm going to hold off on buying the lovely green for my dream sweater until I know I'll actually be capable of knitting the sweater. I did buy the Norah Gaughan book on ebay when it say it though, because I promise myself there will be a day when I'll be talented enough to finish my dream sweater! Every girl's gotta have a dream, right?

EDIT: This just in! is having a big summer clearance sale and a whole bunch of great wools look to be half off! Check it out! :


  1. I love that green sweater! But I can't help you on the substituting yarn thing. It's so funny; I can't believe I never knew before how into knitting you are!

  2. That's because I was never before so much in to knitting! LOL I just started this whole thing like... oh I dunno... a few months ago? And then it's only been like the last month I guess that I've started becoming obsessed!