Friday, February 12, 2010

{Tons of Updates and FOs}

Hello Folks! I've had a very busy week with it being my first full week of school, yet I've still managed to fit in a bunch of knitting here and there. Small projects only though because they don't require me to think as much. hehe

I started with a few odd skeins in black, white, and two different grays, plus the desire for a new toque. I started with this one here: Really simple stockinette stitch, just with a purl row every time you change colours. It's way fun and I really like it!

Then, knowing I had a ton left over, I went buck wild and did another one:

And the dang skeins from my stash would NOT quit! So I did a head band for ear coverage. This is the first project I've done double thick and it's so warm. I just did the pattern for the head band and then did one purle row, then kept going in the gray you see underneath until I had doubled the width. It turned very easily and I just crocheted with the black to attach the two ends together. Fits great!

I've also had my first foray with Craigslist, and I must say it's only whet my appetite. I bought a standing lamp, which is something I've wanted for a long time for my comfy chair corner. You know the one I just put the stack-o-books- end table with? It's so gotta get a spray paint job, but Mr. Pie says I should wait until it's not 30 degrees F outside anymore, so I'm bummed I'm going to have to live with it being bright brass coloured for a while.

When you guys spray paint lamps, do you also spray the part that the bulb screws in to, or do you leave that bright white? And don't you think it also needs a shade makeover?

Oh, and just so I don't leave you all hanging, I DID find a use for that vase I made last weekend:

It's been nice having a small piece of spring in the house while we're waiting for the next snow storm on Sunday.


  1. what an innovative idea for that headband to double the thickness. i know you've said you don't have any desire to be a designer, but i bet you'd make a good one with all the clever ideas you come up with :)

  2. Wow Sarah, those hats are fantastic. It's hard to choose which I like most. You must be the world's fastest knitter!.