Tuesday, February 2, 2010

{A Quicky On The Side}

I tend to be a very monogamous knitter I think because I don't like a lot of unfinished projects laying around. It's finished results that push me forward and are encouraging to me to knit more, ya know? So with my Hey Teach cardigan looking good but getting monotanous lately, I decided to cast on for these fingerless gloves. Again. This time with some beautiful stash yarn called Elann Incense that has some wool, bamboo and silk in it:

This is glove #1 almost done. I'm super excited about fast these are knitting up and I love this yarn! It's super soft and warm but not too warm, and the stitch definition is just gorgeous. Oh, and this is the first black yarn I've knit with! I definitely could have used a table lamp beside me. The second is cast on and I have it done up to the cuff.

On another note, don't think I haven't noticed that my blogosphere has been all a-twitter and generally being sappy whilst decorating for Valentine's Day. It's not that I'm a total scrooge about the Holiday... I promise. I've just never been that in to either. Maybe it has to do with the gift my first boyfriend gave to me on my first Valentine's Day - a computer programming manual for C++. Yeah, romantic right? I was 15.

But I think the Universe is trying to let me know that it's time to forgive and forget. This is what I found last night:

Clarification: This is a potato! LOL I found it and I ate it!

It's not exactly a Virgin Mary or anything, but it's still pretty cool, right? hehe Hope everyone is having fun getting ready for the V-Day. :)


  1. The fingerless gloves look pretty cool. I'll be anxious to see the completed project.

  2. Love the heart shaped rock and the fingerless glove too!

  3. Aren't fingerless gloves great?! I love that they don't require a lot of yarn, so I can use up any leftovers for them!

    We don't really celebrate Valentine's day either, Thomas' birthday is on the 10th, so we tend to do our celebrating then instead.

    And what is that heart-shaped thing? Is is a stone? It looks pretty cute anyway!

    / Jenny

  4. http://bash.org/?151227

    Love the gloves (and the potato, of course). The details on the pattern really give it a lot of character.

  5. I really like those gloves. What pattern are you using? Oh, the potato is nice too!