Sunday, February 14, 2010

{A Stash Project}

In an effort to use more of what's in my stash I cast on a with some recycled yarn that I've had around for a while - a bulky tan and cream angora blend and the very bulky cream acrylic I used to make Mr. Pie's socks.

I just sorta started knitting in a moss stitch to see how it looked and I really liked it! So I kept going, not really knowing what I was knitting. The fabric it was making was VERY thick and bulky and I loved it!

As I was going, I decided that it would look great with my new horn buttons that my mom bought me for Christmas! So I ask myself... what's big and bulky and has buttons?

A cowl!

And believe it or not, this is the best picture I could get of it in the mirror ON me. lol

Yes, I'm wearing long underwear and no makeup.
It's Sunday morning.

So my stash-busting is well underway and I am thoroughly enjoying it. My Hey Teach! cardigan is still sitting around and since it's also made of stash yarn I should probably get going on it too, it just hasn't been inspiring me lately. I promise I won't start another big project though until that one is done. I so do not want to be that kind of kniter that has 10 UFO's floating around; I think it would drive me bonkers and stress me out. lol

Hope everyone is having a lovely Valentine's Day! Mr. Pie and I will be cooking up a fancy meal tonight and spending the evening together, which is the best day ever as far as I'm concerned.


  1. You look super-cute in the photo! If you hadn't told us that you wore a slacker outfit, we would never have known :)

    I'm also having very few WIP's right now, I finished a shawl today so right now there is only one shawl on the needles, as well as a pair of socks. I think four is the maximun number for me, otherwise I would just be confused!

    Hugs / Jenny

  2. Oooo how cute! It looks so cozy!

  3. happy (belated) valentines day!

    me and my hubby also stayed home for a nice quiet dinner, it was wonderful. i hope you two had a nice time :)

    oh yeah, and that cowl is so cute ^.^

    you should try to whip up a few of those to sell on Etsy, i bet they would sell really well

    i wish i could control my WIPs like you a Jenny. sadly i've had to put my WIP busting on hold while i prepare to open up the shop. so i still have my approx. 25 WIPs just sitting there, unfinished :<

    well have a great week doll, good luck with school :)

  4. Hi Sarah! You would be so proud of me...I started to knit (FINALLY!) :D I made a sweater with the yarn you sent me and I get so many complements on it....I'm working on knitting a scarf now. Hope all is well

  5. Oh my goodness Sarah! It is uncanny how we are on the same wave length right now (did you see my last post?)! Our projects are so similar, and even our pics with no makeup (though I can't tell in your pic)!

    That is a really cute cowl! I agree, you could sell those on Etsy. I was thinking of doing that, too. I love the moss stitch! It looks so comfy!

  6. Oh, that looks so cute! Great job!