Sunday, February 7, 2010

{The Rest of The Sweater}

I started out yesterday showing you how I cut off the arm of a Goodwill sweater and covered a glass vase that I wasn't too fond of just by gluing down the edges with my hot glue gun.

The remainder of the sweater went right in to the washing machine and I tried my hand at felting for the first time! When it came out it was a lovely thick fabric, but I hadn't anticipated that it would shrink a lot more length wise than width wise. "No matter," I told myself, and proceeded anyway. I cut from armpit to armpit of the sweater, front and back, only detouring to make the cut outs for the handles. I seamed up the bottom just using a whip stitch, and I had a bag! It was terribly inefficient though because it was so darn wide and not very deep. lol It didn't hold anything, basically! So back to the drawing board. I cut out a piece of burlap for a base for my new bag and Ta-Da!

I added a couple of cute embelishments by crocheting some flowers out of the scrumptious yarn that I won on LizzKnits blog, as well as doing a whip stitch all the way around the cut edges. I am in LOVE with crafting with that yarn!

Isn't the variation in the yarn, beautiful? And I adore how the cool greens and warm greens play off of one another. Paired with the burlap? Too much cute! I don't know if bags like this are super duper my style or anything, but it's super practical - as evidenced by the yarn that now has a home!

I think my dining room drapes might need some burlap added to the bottom of them, but the idea of trying to hem it by hand is kind of intimidating. lol


  1. Wow - you are just too crafty! I really like the yarn you used for the flowers. Very nice.

  2. I haven't visited your blog in a while (I'm a bad person) and I just LOVE your header!! The kitten is just too cute!!

  3. hehe Thanks Krista! That actually wasn't too long ago and I didn't make a post or anything about the header change... i just snuck the picture of Popeye in there. hehe