Saturday, February 27, 2010

{Scrappy Scarf Finished}

I finally had enough scraps to make a scrappy scarf and in this process i've learned that i like crocheting scarves a lot better than knitting them because it's SO much faster. I guess this means I'll need more than one hook? lol . Here's my finished product, unblocked.

Hey - I got my hair cut today, too! It's sorta messy here, but I'm
sure I'll post another eventually.

I've received tons of compliments on this one so far! It was done super random and I left all the ties where i switched yarns for an extra deconstructed kind of detail. Even Mr Pie likes it!

mmmmmm warm


  1. I'm saving all my scrap yarn so I could one day turn them into something like that. Scrap yarn scarves do look good!

    PS: I still love your hair!

  2. I LOVE that scarf! You husband (is it your husband????) looks like he has my husband's sense of humor :)! Great job. Love you hair. Is it really that warm where you live (you have on a tank top)???

  3. Amoena: hehe thanks for the hair compliment! I'll work on a better pic of the new haircut just for you. hehe

    Lisa: That is my husband! and no, it's not that warm, I was freezing my tail off and we only did one take of the photo. lol I just didn't like how bulky I looked in my big ol' sweater!

  4. I love your scrappy scarf! And, I'm all about crocheting scarves. Uses a ton of yarn, but is oh-so-fast.