Saturday, February 6, 2010

{Snow, Snow and More Snow}

Edit: On this note, What do you think about my new seasonally-appropriate background? hehe

We had a ton of snow... Again. This time with Mr. Pie not at work until this afternoon, we decided to make a snow man in the front yard! He has button eyes, a carrot nose and is wearing a hat that I knit! hehe Too much fun!

Yesterday I was trapped inside all day too and was feeling remarkably un-knitty. Does that happen to anyone? I just didn't feel like knitting right at the moment. So I went in search of a craft I could do where I had all the materials already (since I couldn't drive anywhere even if I wanted to. lol)

I came up with this: a sweater from my frog pile to cut up, a vase that needed covering, and a glue gun.

and ended up with this:

Without anything to put in it just yet or a place in mind for it, it's hard to know if I like it yet. I do like the vase better than I did, anyway.

Tomorrow I'll show you what I did with the rest of the sweater! Muwahahaha


  1. Yay I love snow days - I'm skiing at the moment so it's been 6 days of snow, perfect! I totally get what you mean about unknitty days though, sometimes you just don't feel like it - on those days I generally get out some sewing or just keep away from the crafty things until I'm itching to get back to it...loving your vase btw, I've been meaning to do something similar but haven't found the perfect vase yet! :D

  2. I'm jealous of your lovely snow pics. Since when does Virginia get more snow than Wisconsin!

  3. That's neat! Maybe you could put decorative vintage knitting needles in it. I have been eyeing cute vintage needles on Ebay. They have some neat things on there!