Saturday, February 27, 2010

Magazines and Booklets for Sale

Hi all! I met a new friend today and I'm so excited!! Dawn is so super nice and we've connected on many things, but most important of all: She's a knitter! I have a knitting REAL LIFE friend! Woo hoo!

We were going through a bunch of her old knitting magazines and things and she's asked me to find new homes for the ones she'll no longer be using. Here's the Ravelry Thread (need a login).

*$30 including shipping for all 9 magazines and 17 booklets.*


Vogue knitting: $5.50 each or $15 for all three including US shipping.
Winter '93 - '94
Winter '91 - 92
Spring/Summer '94

Other Magazines: $4.50 for one, $2 for each additional one including US shipping.
Fashion Knitting issue 84 August 1996
Fashion Knitting No. 85 October 1996 (x2)
Knitter's No. 55 Summer 1999
Knit 'n Style Issue 111 February 2001
Interweave Knits Summer 1998

**Booklets** : $2.00 for the first one, $1.00 for each additional.

Women's Knits (size 40-52) Volume 102
Women's Knits (size 40-52) Volume 103

Brunswick "Fashions For All Seasons" Volume 847 1984
Brunswick "Town & Country" Volume 875 1987Brunswick "Super Quick Vests" Vol 853
Red Heart Coats & Clark "The Big Thing in Sweaters" No. 313 1985
Beehive "Country Gentlemen" No. 459 1984
Leisure Arts "Quick to knit Lace Panel Vest" No. 476 1986][10][Leisure Arts "Dream Knits" No. 868
Lion Brand Yarns "Classic and Multi-Color Pullover & Vest" Mary Maxim "Starlette Fashions Book II"
Bernat Book No 512 1983
Bernat Book No 709 1990
Bernat Book No.1427 "Family Denims"
Berroco "Holiday" Brochure #188 1999
Berroco Style 704 1986


  1. He he, those are some real 80's-looking magazines! But I bet you could find something to make from them, although I'm not sure I would have the patience to actually look them through...

    I LOVE the scarf in your previous post, it looks so good on you. And I can't believe you get to wear a sleevless top outside now, we still have about a meter of snow! I'm so jealous, I really want me some spring right about now :)

    / Jenny

  2. You should definitely look into joining the karma swap group on rav, you might be able to get some yarn for these booklets and mags!

  3. Oh my goodness! I love those those Brunswick vests (purple)!!! Have you ever done intarsia???? I saw some patterns and would love to try it. Is it hard?

  4. Lisa: Intarsia isn't hard at all! You just join in the colour yarn you need when you need it, and then drop it when you're done, picking it back up when you get back around to it going the other way :)

    Jenny - thanks for the compliment! It's actually FREEZING and we got more snow right after this picture was taken, I just hated how bulky I looked with my big ol' sweater on so I tossed it off quick for the photo. lol

    Purple Goddess: if they were mien I'd do it in a heart beat, but they belong to a friend and I offered to sell them for her. :)